Françoise Geslin - Artistic Director 
« When Virginie speaks it’s like listening to music.
She elates each and every word.
She also has a keen and precise musical ear.
A work session with her is such a pleasurable moment
and the results are quick, so much so that one is often sorry
that the session couldn’t last a little longer »

Joanna Mal - Head of voice over

« Virgine is a pleasure to work with on a personal level,
very positive and enthusiastic and this conveys in her voice !
Her voice is very versatile which has enabled us to use her
across genres and accounts ! »

Niko Vanhaelen – Manager
Herent, Belgium
"We knew Virginie by her web site and we asked her
to voice a corporate film for one of our clients. 
I can tell you we were satisfied with her good job
and her flexibility. This first project made us trust in her job.
Since then, we've entrusted her with other French voice over
projects and we’re still happy !
I heartily recommend Virginie to you."

Souheil Al Mallah – Sound Ingeneer
« Virginie’s voice is precise. Her expression captivates
the listener’s attention and at the same time responds to
what is asked of her in terms of direction.
Each text is performed with sensitivity and accuracy. Top »

Stéphanie Hammou - 
Production Manager
« It’s a great pleasure to work with Virginie thanks to the level
of her professional talent as well as her human qualities »

Béatrice Causse - Sound Production Manager 

« Virginie is great at combining her talent, availability, precision,
efficiency, energy, kindness and cheerfulness –
well, tons of qualities and experience that gently meet
the tough demands inherent to our profession »

Ange Ghinozzi – Manager, Producer, Composer

« Virginie is one of those actresses who can slip into the skin
of any character with complete ease and total precision !
Her good nature and kindness are wonderful added perks !
I am happy to recommend to you this fine professional »


Lidwine Motard – Head of Internal Communication

« I met Virginie during a voice-over recording
for a design animation motion.
If I had to sum up this experience in one sentence
I would say « triple satisfaction effect » !

Firstly, I was especially touched by just
how much she strived to find the tone
the most adapted to our needs.
She asked a great number of questions
in order to be sure about the context, the goal,
the nuances and the atmosphere we were trying
to create in this animation.

And as for the recording itself I was very impressed.
Listening to the sound take I thought the recording
had already been done.
The first take was the good one !
Her experience as  a radio presenter
added to her acting talents made all the difference.

And, beyond her professional qualities,
Virginie is joyful, pleasant and full of smiles,
and that too is very much appreciated ! »



Salim Krim - Sound Director 
Mc CANN Paris
"With Virginie, you can be sure that
there will be smiles all through the session !
It’s simple, she arrives super motivated
even though it’s 9 am, chock full of contagious energy
and bright spirit.
On the professional side, she is an artist
who understands easily and quickly
what is expected of her and moreover
has the most incredible mastery over her voice !
It’s always a pleasure to direct her,
but it’s even better for the sound engineers
who have hardly anything to adjust once
the recording is over.
Virginie is a beautiful person, with whom it's a joy to work.
It’s hardly surprising that we’ve been working with her