And dubbing actors Richard Darbois, Jacques Frantz, Patrick Poivey For a talk with the Oscar winner About "voice over reading styles"

I was thrilled and honoured to arrange a get-together for LES VOIX.FR between
JEAN DUJARDIN and three important French dubbing artists : Richard Darbois (who does the French voices for Harrison Ford and Patrick Swayze), Jacques Frantz (the French voice of Mel Gibson and Robert de Niro), Patrick Poivey (voice of Bruce Willis).

All three are members of the LES VOIX.FR Association, a French organization that defends the professional voice over industry, of which I am also a member and volunteer PR manager.

Before contacting Jean Dujardin, a little voice in my head said to me : “Hey Virginie, you  know this is going to be a ton of work!”, “Yes, I know, I get it, but I really want to do it!”
And two weeks later, Jean Dujardin called to say he was on board.

My intuition was right; the following two months were intensely exciting, and kept me on my toes pretty much day and night. The event had to be organized from A to Z, including writing scripts and directing 4 videos, as well as doing all the PR work. Thanks to a great team of volunteers (members of LESVOIX.FR) and the support of the board, the project’s success was as great as these four actors are known.

One of the volunteers was my associate and friend, the very patient Jean-Marc Lancelot who did all the mixing and editing, who co-directed the videos and more than anything, put up with my bossy perfectionism and art direction!

To listen in on this extraordinary moment, just click HERE !