Special Edition "Radio" "Radio ident"

In the July 2016 Special Edition of "Radio Ident" by LA LETTRE PRO, I took part in an interview to discuss the topic of radio broadcast voices and the issues at stake when choosing the right one.
Some time ago, I was the French female voice over for an FM radio station.
When you are the personality of the radio station, it's not just a voice over job. It's the work of a professional actor or actress who has the training to interpret a text (whatever that text may be) with only his or her voice.

 Here is an excerpt from the article that may awaken your curiosity.

 LA LETTRE PRO - What can be the consequences of making a radio
broadcast voice change?
VB - The actor's voice embodies the station's identity. When a programme director decides to make his or her mark and set a new tack, it's expected that there will be changes. But to stay consistent and retain the listening audience, it's wise to keep the broadcast voice as a marker. Our voice is part of the listener's daily routine. When you hear a certain voice, you know exactly which station you are on. The voice is that station. Change the
voice, you change the station identity.

You can read the entire interview here.