For the very first time in my 30 year career, I recently did a recording that I wished with all my heart would not be aired! And for what reason? Because of the artistic direction given by an Italian client who did not speak a word of French and who knew nothing about our language’s musicality.

They wanted the female French voice over comedian reading for their advertisement to speak like an Italian. The outcome : my interpretation sounded distorted, false, exaggerated, and above all ridiculous!

Every Language has its own music, a melody composed of intonations. And for speech to sound natural and flowing, one has to live the Language, speak it, welcome it, and feel it.

The same sentence (having the same meaning), spoken in Italian will not have the same melody as in French. It’s a cultural thing, that’s the way it is, vive la différence !

My voice did not make the cut (sigh of relief!). It was the male voice version that was chosen, and believe me, I didn’t mind in the least !