Documentary Narrative French female voice over

I don’t like to talk much about my private life and even less over the internet with strangers.
But this time I’m making an exception.

A few years ago, my father developed cancer and passed away…
For all those who have been confronted by this - the news of the illness, the caring, and the death are like a triple shock.
It’s a trauma that the years may soften but cannot erase.
It is Impossible to forget the emotional storm and the loss.

In early December 2016, Seppia Production contacted me to narrate two 52 minute documentaries for ARTE.
When I discovered what the theme was “The History of Cancer” I had to face both my stance as an actress and my own personal story.
How was I going to manage my personal emotions and remain a professional ?  

The voice is a reflection of one’s feelings and emotions, and I realized I was going to have to distance myself from my own.
And so I prepared my text over two days and kept a distance on the seriousness of the topic and my personal experience.
Not an easy task.
But I had to remain neutral and detached in order to overcome my emotions so that they would not be distinguishable through my voice.

The first minutes of the recording (which correspond to the introduction of the first documentary) were difficult ones. But then I remembered how much joy I get out of my work, how satisfying it is to be behind the microphone.
So I thought to myself “If it was my voice that was chosen, perhaps it is because it has a calming effect ?”
And I thought about all those who might indeed need to hear this reassuring voice.
These thoughts sharpened my focus and I moved through the session as a professional artist.

In the present.
Not in the past…

Broadcasting : Saturday February 4th, on ARTE, at 10:35pm
(part 1) and 11:25pm (part 2)

This recording session taught me so much.
Firstly, I learned a lot about the history of cancer (very interesting).
But especially that it can be liberating to face reality and your fears.

May my experience be of value to you.