Documentary Sample of my audition Narrative French Female voice over

In February, I was contacted by the art director Hélène Brice who wanted to know if I would be interested in doing a voice-over casting session for the narration of a nature
documentary on “Giraffes” (coming soon on France 5).

 And of course I accepted because
1°/ I’d never worked with Hélène Brice before
2°/ I love doing voice overs for documentaries and especially
about giraffes !
(the tonal nuances are always a bit tricky which makes this type of job so interesting).

During our telephone call Hélène interjected, with a hint of delight, that she’d also contacted Jean-Marc for a casting session for a documentary about “Dogs”.

We thought to ourselves that it was going to be up to chance for ET VOIXLÀ to strike it lucky (or actually up to the station that makes the final call).

What were the odds that we’d both be chosen ?
Not to mention that for the “Giraffes” there were 5 actors pitching for the job and for the “Dogs” documentary there were 4 !

So, what’s your bet on who got the jobs ?