With our client, the agency, the producer and us !

Last June Kouz Production came up with an unusual kind of session for Jean-Marc and me by getting us both into an audition for Direct Energie.
And low and behold… the client chose both of us for their summer and fall radio drives.

It’s a rare thing for both of us to be behind the mike in the same studio ! And to top it off, we had to do 3 duos that called for utter complicity between the characters. So of course
the fact that we’ve known each other for 30 years made it easy to deliver exactly what was expected in terms of intimate playful acting. And yet, it was also weird for me to work with Jean-Marc.
I’m not really used to recording with him and during the first few minutes I was surprised by the professional angle of the exercise – here was not just my friend but a professional actor reading a script with me !

Now, introducing “Lapin” and “Caro” !

Here is a photo taken with our client, the agency, production, the sound engineer and us !