I always feel the same euphoria each time I leave a studio. Happy to be doing exactly what I love. Deeply. This joy and satisfaction fill me to the brim.
In the past few weeks, the variety of projects for which I have been casted has made me feel even luckier to do the type of work I do.

That might seem futile, because in the end « it’s just voice-overs!»
But it’s not just voice-overs. It’s bringing meaning to a text and using my voice to make it real. I’m speaking about sentiments, emotions, and feelings that actors work with. And even though it may not be Shakespeare, my job is to grab the audience’s attention, explain, create a desire, or inform in the clearest and most pleasant way possible.

Yes, I’m elated when I leaved a recording studio. Happy to have pleased my clients and to have been faithful to my work ethics.