Billboard TF1 Greeder French female voice over

Ohlalalalala the downsides of winter : the cold, the fatigue and viruses…
And boom, there goes my voice ! And it’s not as if I hadn’t covered up or done everything to avoid a vocal catastrophe !
And of course it was on a really busy day that I would wake up to discover I’d lost my voice – I’d made appointments to record, and had to get to the radio station by the end of day.
It was hard to cancel all my meetings with such short notice and leave the various production crews in the lurch, not to mention their clients. I warned them of the situation and went to work fully knowing that my condition was going to worsen throughout the day.
So here is what one of those sessions sounds like. I must admit that a scratchy voice does have a certain charm. The client, the agency and the production staff had mixed feelings, at first worried as they realized what was going on in the beginning of the session and then quite content in the end.
The end of the day only got worse as I went live on RTL. The Grosses Têtes and RTLSoir audiences had the pleasure of hearing my voice tumble and crash.
Come nightfall I was aphonic, consigned to a country of silence, under prescribed vocal rest, sleep and cortisone, and …… ahem… achoum….cough cough…