24/01/2019 at 2:50 pm By Amelle Nebia Cbnews.fr

On Tuesday, January 22nd, the UDA unveiled the seven winners of the second edition of its Creative Lab, dedicated this year to advertising creativity on the airwaves.
The event was organized in collaboration with Frank Tapiro and the support of seven radio stations (Lagardère Publicité, M6 Advertising, Nextrégie, NRJ Global, Radio France Advertising, Skyrock Régie, TF1 Publicité) as well as ARPP, Kantar, Talentsaround and Les Voix. The jury, chaired by Karl Zero, listened to and judged more than 80 spots around the two themes proposed: a great cause, and well-known brands. For the first, it is the spot on the fight against incivilities that is rewarded. For the second, it is the Galeries Lafayette, Mousline, Axa, Renault and Tic Tac brands that are.
The Golden Lab is awarded to Virginie Bodin for "Me me me".
These messages were pre-tested according to a neuroscientific technique for their ability to generate emotions. The study conducted by Kantar - Expertise Media & Creative has shown that on "the radio media, creativity is key". The average of the seven successful spots tested by the institute indeed obtained a commitment rate 1.7 times higher than the Kantar standard, proving that "radio advertising can and must be creative to arouse emotions and support the brand and its long-term image. These messages were also perceived 1.7 times more differentiating than the usual campaigns ". 

The spots can be heard here 
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