Presentation film Comedy French female voice over

The Union of Advertisers (UDA) changed its name in May and became the Union of Brands (UDM).
When the advertising man Frank Tapiro, whom I met upon receiving my Golden Lab award in January (see posts below), asked me to do the voiceover for the presentation film I readily accepted :-)
I did the recording with the actor Nicolas Carpentier in a duet.
Frank’s working style is quite playful, free and experimental : we had “carte blanche” (which is very unusual in recording sessions !!).
Firstly, we recorded separately, proposing several different versions (about 5 takes) ; and then Frank asked us to work in the booth together and share the texts spontaneously, without planning who would say what.
Although we worked with the text, we also gave ourselves room for improvisation, staying open to our intuition and the natural rhythm that the improvisation developed ; and it was so much fun that we produced 6 takes for the pure (and rare  !) joy of being in a duet !

Here is the final version chosen by production.