Documentary voice over ARTE TV Narration

The specific goal of my work for this narration was that not over-dramatize the subject : the increase in the number of forest-fires across Europe.

I spent the first fifteen minutes of the recording searching for the ideal tone (despite the tense and menacing musical arrangements which made it hard to remain neutral). I had to find a way to communicate rather disturbing information while implying that there were also possible solutions, a glimmer of hope. It was in order to find this balance that the Artistic Director, Anne Fantinel, directed me ;-)

Anecdote : Last May, when ARTE broadcasted this documentary, I received this text message from an acquaintance:

"Good evening Virginie,
I was listening to a program about fires and humans, and the environment.. And then all of a sudden I realized that it was your voice doing the narrating... bravo on the clear and professional tone, but also for not being alarming as is the case in so many other reports."

 Happy I am : mission accomplished :-)