TV Commercial Deep sincere

When the prodcution asked me if I wanted to record the voice-over for this video, I said yes straight away.
The main reason was the feeling of being useful, of putting my voice at the service of a cause that affects us all (from near or far).

The agency, the producer and the composer trusted me completely.
Their only words were: "you have a reassuring voice and that's what we like ; France Alzheimer also chose you for that".

When I read the script and listened to the music, the first intention that naturally came to me was sincerity mixed with restraint and a certain deep humility.
I then recorded several takes to find the right balance, subtle to complete this very beautiful film and the music that embraces it perfectly. 
The three are one and the same and they resonate.

This is what I had to tell you.
The pride that my voice can help people.
The pride of having put all my heart into it...