Director : Can you give me an informal but friendly voice over on this ad?
Male voice over talent : Yes of course, but not too deep a voice then?
Director : No, but still a little bit, it's not an ad for kids.
Male voice over talent : I'll do a take and you can tell me if I'm going in the right voice
over direction or not.
Director : Go ahead, I trust you.

So than, I say to myself,  "TRUST" is a beautiful thing. It's encouraging, it helps you be assertive, creative and sharp.

Check out what I mean in these three excerpts:

For a "PRÉFON RETRAITE" radio ad: an inciting but comforting message.
In "RENAULT MEGANE GT EXPÉRIENCE": a series of BFMTV ads, here's an unusually rythmic and dynamic male voice over.
As for the corporate film "FRANCEAGRIMER: 80 ANS", I'm pleased to tell the story of Paul Montel with an open and fresh male voice over...

And all this in an atmosphere of mutual "TRUST" !