Radio Commercial voice over Deep French Male voice over

The extent to which one reaches a low pitch or a high pitch depends on the length of one’s vocal cords. Men have longervocal cords than women who are able to get to a high pitch faster than men because their vocal cords are shorter.

So after that brief lesson, here is how I use my cords in practice… I recently had to test the full length of my own vocal cords, – both a loose low pitch and a tighter high pitch. In recording the voice over ad for the DVD “Ice Age”, the vocal art direction requested a joyful, young and happy voice that would reach a young audience. I naturally tightened my pitch to create a light and childlike character.

The situation was totally different just a few days later when I did a recording for the voice-over of the ad for Nicole Garcia’s film “Mal de pierres”. This drama needed a voice that was intimate and earnest, soft and tender. My own natural relaxed pitch (deep range) was the best fit. And my long vocal cords truly appreciated the comfort of the job !

Working with one’s voice requires understanding the script, acting skills, recognizing the intent, and having character and sensitivity. Working with one’s voice is not about being a parrot and just repeating a set of pre-paid phrases which only superficially support the text and disserve any deeper meaning.

And that may be low pitched, but definitely not professional !