Tv Show voice over RMC DÉCOUVERTES Deep French Male voice over

On April 20th 2001, Endemol called me to the studio to record
the teaser for a new type of program, one never before
seen on French TV screens. And just a few days later, on April
26th on channel M6, French TV audiences discovered for the first
time the words “Reality TV” thanks to Loft Story (listen to the
original teaser on my “Bonus” page).

Seventeen years later, on July
18th 2018, Endemolshine invited me to audition for another “new
type of program, the first of its kind in France”. A thrilling bigger
than life pursuit across the country, with suspense and strategy
at the heart of the action…
Over 10 voice artists were auditioned. A few weeks later the
verdict fell, RMC Découvertes had chosen me to record all 12 episodes
for “Escape, 21 Days to Disappear” with the first episode airing on
October 24th at 8:50pm. Strong team work with the production staff
allowed me to determine which would be the ideal voice-over tone to
fit the program. It was a genuine pleasure to record all the episodes.
Thank you once again for your trust in me.